The craft of creating a rug is a stunning art form that involves the collaborative efforts of 20 skilled artisans. Passed down through generations, various techniques are utilized to produce these unique pieces of textile.


It all starts with the sourcing of the yarn, which includes a variety of materials such as jute, wool, and cotton. Carefully sourced quality yarn ensures durability of our rugs.


The yarn is wrapped around a wheel-shaped frame and dipped into boiling vats of dye to achieve the desired color. After dyeing, the yarn is hung out in the sun to dry. Our dyeing process allows for customization of any color that our customers may require.

Yarn Spinning

Once the dyed yarn dries, it is spun on a traditional Charkha, a spinning wheel. Which makes the yarn ready for the next step - Weaving.


Adhering to a centuries-old tradition, weavers sit at their looms for days, meticulously crafting their patterns line by line with great attention to detail.


Completed rug then given the final finishing touches. Excess threads are cut and the tussles / fringes are added.